Store your presents for hiding purposes!

There is no christmas without presents under the christmas tree! It can be difficult to find a good place to hide your presents so the youngest ones – and even the older ones – don’t get tempted to open them!

Discover below our tips for successful surprises!

Keep your presents wrapped

The simplest way to keep your presents hidden is to leave the wrapping paper on it. Lots of shops offer special Christmas wrapping that’s eco-friendly. Besides, if someone even attempts to open your present, you’ll know it!

Keep your wardrobe closed

and hide the keys! We recommend a wardrobe close to the christmas tree, so you’re not seen when you take them out!

At work

Get your presents delivered at work, no need for wrapping! You should tell your colleagues and trust them with the secret location you’ll put them, but with a few chocolates your colleagues should keep their secrets well.

At StoragePal

You can be sure that nobody will touch your presents! Order a collect for your presents so we can store them, and return them before christmas to put them under the tree!

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