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Pricing by-the-object. Never pay for empty space. Save up to 60%

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Remove an article, your payment falls.

Manage your storage online

Plan a collect or a return online. Never forget what you stored. See & manage your belongings in your virtual space

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From 5€ a month per article

Store your boxes, suitcases, furniture, and more for a minimum of 5€ a month per article—no hidden costs. We save your money by storing per article. You will never waste empty space because we stack your articles professionally in a safe and organized way. Want a direct estimate? Unsure about the number of articles? Make an estimate, and we will adjust it favorably at the warehouse.

Free Pick-up

Sit back and relax. Free door-to-door collect with a minimum of 4 articles. Do you want to visit the warehouse yourself? Our warehouse is located 30 minutes from the centre of Paris. Book a visit and we will help you out on-site! Fast & simple returns.

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Store and move with us. Fast and secure pick up, storage and delivery. Serving the entire Paris region from three secure storage locations.

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StoragePal, the one-click solution to store, declutter and recreate space

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Lowest entry price: From just 5€ per article per month

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1€ first month

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Less expensive: Remove an article & your payment falls automatically

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Instant estimate 24/7

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Fast & Simple Returns from 15€

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Free guarantee up to 500€

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5 star reviews

Here’s is what StoragePal customers are saying

Laura was looking to store seasonal items

Ok, so I am a mom, and yes, I have an overload of things hanging around the house! My kids are running around, and I needed some space. I have seen Marie Kondo on Netflix. She is all about clearing out space. I found StoragePal through the Marie Claire article, which talked about storing your seasonal items. That makes so much sense! I decided to clear out everything I did not need for this season. It’s super hot in Paris. I do not need my oversized jackets and sweaters. I put them in a wardrobe box – I ordered from Amazon – StoragePal provides the link. Storing one wardrobe box cost me €8. I as well stored my family’s ski equipment. It was rotting away in the basement. It felt really good to have that stored away. When I need that equipment for that one bloody week, I can just pick it up! StoragePal provides next-day delivery. Having more space for the things I need this season is very pleasant. My cupboard seems spacious, and nothing is lying around anymore. I have an overview, and I can mix and match better. I feel fresher than ever! I feel ready to embrace the summer.

Moving homes Paris Area

Jay needs to clear out space for his art studio

I made my dreams come true. I have always wanted to renovate my house. This year my dream became a reality. I have planned to open up the kitchen in my house to create more open space for my art. I have as well prepared to renovate my terrace and bathroom. StoragePal could pick up my belongings for free from my doorstep. Because they store per object, they are way more affordable than the competitors. The competitors offer storage per unit, so the prices are definitely higher. I have made pictures of all my things, so I can have an overview of all my belongings with StoragePal’s online management tool. When I finish the renovations, I will take out some things, and my monthly payment will drop. How awesome is that! I can slowly add items to the house and slowly throw out items that I don’t use anymore. Life has become easier, to be honest. I am loving it! Highly recommend this service.

Storage for renovations Paris Area

Celine needs to move her office across the country

StoragePal provided an easy solution during a critical time for my company. I am very grateful for the provided transport and storage. The price is incredible if you compare it to the competitors. StoragePal provides an instant estimate. No hidden costs. What you see is what you get. Professional and dedicated to their expertise. A pleasurable experience. I recommend it to everyone!

Moving offices in Paris Area

Catherine needed to manage her move & storage without having much time

With StoragePal, I did not need to move a centimeter. What a relief it was! They pick up for free with a minimum of 4 articles per order and return your belongings for no more than an Uber. I can keep track of my things with the online catalog. I uploaded pictures that matched my orders. No need to drive to the warehouse and dig up my stuff. I can keep track of it on my phone and have an instant overview. It saved me time and a lot of stress. I think we need to eliminate the old idea that we must visit our warehouse. Thank-you StoragePal. I am looking forward to seeing even more innovation on your side.

Smart Storage in Paris Area

Laurent needed to manage a move while studying and travelling abroad

StoragePal is awesome. I needed to escape the hustle and bustle. I booked 6 months to Asia. I still wanted to return, so I managed to store my things at StoragePal. I could not believe it; they picked my items up for free. Because I am paying per object, the monthly payment is very low and affordable for a backpacker, haha! I also really love the start-up culture. They are making moving more effortless. I got an instant estimate and no administration fees. I could book in advance and tailor my entire move. They were so friendly on the phone and helped me with all my insecurities. When they asked me to write a review, I was happy to do it. Don’t hesitate with StoragePal. They will take care of your belongings!

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