How to vacuum your clothes efficiently

Other than wardrobe boxes to store your clothes without them being damaged, you can also vacuum them! You will manage to store more clothes like this, and if you have the Marie Kondo technique it’s just as protective as a classic wardrobe box.

But how to do so?

It’s very simple with a machine:

  1. Fold your clothes in an optimal way (check out Marie Kondo’s blog for best practices!)
  2. Insert them into the vacuum bag – if you don’t have one, it’s practical, very cheap, and will ensure you optimal storage
  3. Take your vacuum mahine and place the tip on the opening of the vacuum bag
  4. Turn on the machine and vacuum the air in the bag
  5. Close the vacuum bag

In general, just as in the link above, vacuum bags come in a package with a pump to get the air out. It also works with a vacuum cleaner if you don’t get a pump.

Once your clothes are in the bag without any air remaining, we recommend you use barrel boxes to save money, you can easily put in 12 vacuum bags into a barrel box, for only 7,50€ per month!

At StoragePal, we help you get the best out of our service!

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