How it works

At StoragePal, renting storage space has never been easier.

Simply select your articles from our catalog to fill your custom space.

Not sure how many articles? No worries, add or remove articles up to the date of your reservation, we’ll adjust your order upon arrival at our storage center and immediately refund any articles not received.

Not sure about the dimensions? Small differences make no difference in price.

Can’t find your article? Click on one of the same dimensions and weight or create one yourself on our catalog page.

Store from just two articles (10 €) per month. Remove an article and your monthly payment goes down.

Book a collect (free if 4 articles) or a return from just 15 €. Or come yourself to drop off, pick up or dig through your belongings.

No more paying for a half-filled storage unit. At StoragePal, you pay only the volume of your articles.

Your articles are stored in our secure storage center where only staff have access to the storage area.

See your articles online, add images and descriptions, manage your storage and transport reservations whenever you move, remodel, expatriate, sublet your home or office, or simply want to make space, store winter clothing, or change seasonal decoration.

StoragePal makes urban living and working more agreeable.

And in practice?

Nothing is simpler.

  1. Select from our catalog the objects you want to store. Can’t find your item? Create one directly in the catalog by entering the dimensions, your price will be tailor-made!
  2. Select your mode of transport; do you want us to take care of the recovery of your belongings? Or would you like to drop them off?
  3. Select the date and time of your meeting with our transport partner, or at our warehouse
  4. Don’t forget to enter your promotional code! Do not hesitate to call us on this subject, we always have interesting offers for you
  5. Until the reservation date, you can easily add or remove items using the same process, in case you are still packing!
  6. Confirm your reservation, you will receive the transport labels to stick on the items if you wish to import images and personalise your items with descriptions. Otherwise, our transport partner will take care of it and you will always have the possibility to do so when your belongings are in stock.

Store with us

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