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Welcome to the New Year!

The New Year is always a very active time for StoragePal. Our clients look forward to the promise of the New Year: to capture that new energy, to stimulate new ideas, and to change their perspective – and to sustain this all through the year.

Studies show that changing interior decoration regularly and more spacious living or working areas stimulate the brain, change perspectives, that entering a new room challenges the imagination, and last but not least that small changes can lead to big improvements.

Over the past 15 years serving our customers, we see that they share three New Year’s traditions:

Tradition 1: Declutter, rearrange and change seasonal decoration. Placing an object elsewhere or removing it from view brightens a room, reminds you that things have changed for the better, gives room to breathe!

Tradition 2: Store anything not touched in three months in your cave or attic. Make space where you live or work. Seasonal decorations, clothes, shoes; suitcases, tools and books; furniture, too. Transform your cave into a true extra room. Make space upstairs by installing inexpensive shelves and a clothes rack. Easy access makes a cave a true extra room of your house – not a dreaded space crammed with sacks and boxes to dig through every time you need something.

Tradition 3: Clear out anything from your cave or attic that you don’t need for six months. Put those bulky chairs, baby clothes, children’s toys and art work, commode or armoire into storage!StoragePal’s by-the-object prices and free collect make taking action very inexpensive!

From just 5€ per carton or furniture. And you can manage your storage space online: upload pictures to make things easy to find, reserve a return from 15€.

See our FAQs for tips on how to pack to save money.

StoragePal : simple, easy and inexpensive by-the-object storage.

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