Optimise Your Home Office Through The Joy of Storage

As a result of the global pandemic, the world of work is changing fast. Remote working has been normalised, meaning a surge of make-shift home offices in the corners of living rooms and spare bedrooms. Working from home is your opportunity to breathe life into your workspace. Make the most out of the ‘new normal’ and create ample space. Take advantage of being in charge and optimising your workstation. Adapting may seem daunting, but the global pandemic inspires an opportunity to re-evaluate our living spaces and give new life to our homes. Discover how unstoppable you are when you take the time to clear your office. 

A tidy desk is a tidy mind. 

It may sound a bit like an old wives tale, but it is true. A tidy desk really is a tidy mind. When you don’t have to see your work through a canopy of forgotten artifacts, you can finally see what needs to be done. Clarity of vision will help you steamroll through your tasks and saviour the parts of work you enjoy. To tidy your desk:

  1. Take each object in your workstation and ask yourself how often you use it to help you with work. If you don’t use it often, ask yourself whether it improves the aesthetic of your workstation, whether it makes you feel joy or acts as a distraction.
  2. If it is acting as a distraction, put it in a pile and decide whether there is somewhere else in your home it could belong.
  3. If you can’t find space in your home and it is still important to you, call storage pal. 

Do you have space for your breaks? 

 Living where you work means work and play aren’t easily distinguishable. You might find yourself twiddling with your model airplane during business calls or replying to emails when you’re supposed to be playing hide and seek with Tilly. Separating leisure time and work time is essential. You’ll experience the complete joy of both when you put a line between them. You’ve been living in your house for years, and surely you would know if there was extra space to put your office away from your leisure place? We get used to our surroundings and can take them for granted. A vintage dresser collecting dust, a chaise lounge that no one ever sits on? These could be the perfect spots to set up your workstation. Put the furniture you are not using into storage and invest in a proper desk that is distinct and separate from your living space. You can leave unessential items with us and put your feet up during your lunch break. You’ll feel more energised, more productive, and excited to take on tasks by the time your 2 o’clock meeting rolls around. 

Don’t hide your office in video calls 

Show your personality, remain authentic and impress your colleagues, and you might inspire them. Put idle clutter into storage and present yourself in the best light. If an old set of skis or a forgotten coat rack ruins the mise-en-scene, put them into storage until you have more space. With free first pickups at Storage Pal it couldn’t be easier. You can show your flair by creating a sophisticated backdrop. Take the opportunity to utilise your new space by investing in artwork or shrubbery, which can be flaunted in your newly cleared home. 

Comfort is key 

Work is a large part of your life. On average, we spend 30% of our lifetime working. Treat it with as much care as any other part of your life. This may feel overwhelming, but the daily grind doesn’t have to feel like it. Make sure you have utilised your space and are not dancing, dipping and diving just to find your stapler or go to the loo. In fact, research shows a direct link between comfort, motivation, energy, and well-being. Have room for a proper office chair with back support, enough space for your computer, a pen, and paper, and start prioritising your comfort. You’ll be surprised how this begins to impact other areas of your life when you stop complaining about your bad back and start enjoying the moments that matter the most.

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