Be Inspired, Create a Life 

You’re in the land of possibilities! Spin the needle and weave your own life, 

Dive head first into your story and start curating the life you want. Join the society, travel in the summer and discover the world at your feet. Utilising external storage allows you to live limitlessly. And we are committed to helping you do this, with 15% off for students, storage by the object and free pick ups and returns.

Enjoying new hobbies

University is your oyster, it’s the one time you’ll have clubs, societies and sports teams at your fingertips. Take hold of your new opportunity with both hands and use it to your advantage. Always pictured yourself spending your Saturday’s immersed in the soft green of golfing galore, but you’re not sure where to store your clubs? Dreamed of becoming the university’s champion snowboarder, conquering the slopes and inspiring your team; but a snowboard in the living room doesn’t fit the dream? With Storage Pal you can store by the object not the unit, which means you are free to store just your snowboard or your golf-clubs with no excess charge. Discover that endless new friends, possibilities and experiences are yours for the taking. When you control your own storage, you make space for possibility.

Tiny Room 

Someone has to draw the short straw in shared housing, is it you? You’ve already worked so hard collecting the perfect nick-nacks to make your home away from home perfectly you.  That one of a kind vintage mirror with the gold frame, that was the birthplace of you and your friends favourite selfies. The vinyl collection that perfectly expresses your taste but is growing as rapidly as a rhododendron. Or maybe you’ve curated the perfect wardrobe only to discover this year’s compact closet doesn’t want to accommodate the beautiful finesse of your 5 fur coats. Throwing things out you don’t have space for, only to replace them in a year or so is not sustainable. Be responsible and start saving the world. With Storage Pal, this couldn’t be more simple. We pick up your suitcases, boxes and furniture for free and return them when you need them back. On your journey to create a life, don’t forget to make space for laughter with friends, late night dancing and everything in between.

Worried about security

The university experience is all about the new, new places, new people, new you . This means sometimes we need a bit of security.  so we can feel secure, reassured and focus on being the best versions of ourselves. If you don’t know your housemates or the area yet and think your prized possessions could do with a bit of T.L.C. bring them over to Storage Pal with the assurance we care about people 

Traveling in the summer

Luckily being a student means the summer is yours! Making the most of your summer might mean a gap in tenancy’s, while you wait for a new place in the Autumn. There is no need to rent a whole room over the summer when you’ll be staying elsewhere. Utilise your time, we’ll collect and drop back your things for free, all you need to do is pack them.  Save the money and spend it on making memories. Pack up a backpack and head off on that solo trip to Nepal you’ve always dreamed of. Discover how free you feel exploring the silhouetted landscape of foreign land, as you rise and fall with the mountains. The only things to worry about will be the bare essentials on your back. You’ll be able to sleep easy, knowing your possessions are safe and sound in cozy storage, anticipating your return from adventure.

Moving home in the summer

Move in with your folks and secure an internship for your dream job. The gift of free time is rife with opportunity, don’t waste your summer moving out of town only to move back in again. Leave your stuff with us and pay for the space you use. You’ll have more time to impress the people that matter and start changing the world with your ideas.

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