How to prepare a relocation

Relocating and its challenges can make this moment in life quite painful. What are the best solutions to ease the pain for you?

Whether you live in a house or an apartment, in a big city such as Paris or London, or a smaller city like Brussels or Munich, several events in life inevitably lead you to relocate. A professional opportunity or expatriation to another city or country, a divorce, retirement or the death of a loved one, to name the most common. Or simply buying or renting a more comfortable space to live or work from home. Many events in life can push you to move, so everybody needs moving-related services throughout their life. However, few solutions exist to move efficiently and without stress. Discover some of the best solutions to manage your relocation.

Who is concerned by moving?

At different moments in life, you will likely be confronted by having to move. It often begins with leaving your parent’s home, then by changing your living space to be closer to work or for the arrival of a baby, for example. Relocating is something that happens at least once a life.

On average, a person relocates about 7 times in his life, whether it be a big or small move. If you need to study abroad, change school, or leave your apartment after your studies to work elsewhere, relocating can be very complicated without good advice.

In these different real-life cases where you need to find the practical solution to ease the organisation of your relocation and the stress it brings, you need to find an experienced professional, one that offers a turn-key solution to all your challenges, at a reasonable price.

Temporary storage can make your move far less stressful. About 50% of relocations temporarily store their belongings, typically with friends, in a self-storage unit or a furniture warehouse. Storage requires transport, of course, and the physical strength to carry your belongings to the vehicle, then to unload them into a storage space. And to repeat the process when it is time to recuperate your stuff.

Whether moving or decluttering, after a divorce or the loss of a loved one, choosing the right storage professional makes all the difference in the world.

How to prepare your relocation correctly?

It can be expensive, exhausting, fastidious and time-consuming to relocate. It takes so much energy. Often you find yourself alone making your inventory or tidying things you’ve accumulated through the years. Cartons of books, decorations, suitcases, kitchen and garden material, sporting equipment and the like are often heavy and cumbersome. You will need help to move and transport them.

The costs linked to transport and handling for a relocation can be sky-high. Often, the volume of what you store is too small to justify the expense of a relocation service. This is why 70% of people move by themselves.

Fortunately, there are solutions that make these moments far less expensive and stressful. If you’re trying to find out where to find such a service, just keep on reading.

Which professional accompanies you best to manage your relocation?

There are many service providers on the market, but StoragePal is an online company that has specialised in storage for over 15 years. 50% of its customers are in the process of relocating. The other 50% are renovating or making space in their home or office. This company serves customers from accross Europe with its high-quality and personalised advice. If you have to move and you don’t know where to store your stuff, renting a storage space at StoragePal can be your best option.

A great advantage is that its storage spaces are exactly the size you need. You only pay for the space that you need, not a standard size unit which you don’t fill entirely. Better yet, if you remove part of your stuff, your next monthly storage payment automatically falls. You only pay for the space occupied by your belongings! This will save you a lot over the months of storage.

Another important advantage is that this company will collect your cartons or furniture at your home or office for free. Or you can drop-off or pick-up your stuff yourself. You don’t have to move a finger for your relocation. Nothing is easier and more convenient when you lack time to organise your move.

Security is a key consideration for your belongings. This company stores them in a dry, clean and proper storage space where they will wait comfortably for the moment you need them back. It also offers an inexpensive return service for some or all of your belongings once you’ve settled again after your relocation.

Whether a student, an entrepreneur, corporate executive, growing family, or retiree, a traveler, couple or  single person, you can now move and declutter your living or working place with a few clicks. If you need space, if your home or office is too cluttered by a few cartons or a piece of furniture, or you are downsizing office space because your employees are working from home,  it is convenient and inexpensive to store by-the-object things that you don’t need immediately with StoragePal.

The days are over when you were forced to live with unpacked boxes for months and months following your relocation.

The golden rule for storage is to store anything that you won’t need for at least 3 months. Storage by-the-object is the perfect solution for that. Indeed, it is ideal for low budgets because you avoid renting an oversized storage unit, and your monthly payment falls each time you remove something from storage. This gives massive savings over the long term compared to a traditional fixed-price storage unit. So much less expensive and less stressful. And transport is available if you need it.

The importance of starting with making a list of things you need to store

The first step is to make your inventory. This is a fundamental task to save time and money. Before calling for a transport and storage quote, it is essential to make a list of boxes (90% of what most people store), furniture and your other things. Without a list you simply cannot correctly compare the prices of transport and storage professionals!

The good news is that the StoragePal website offers a free tool to create and save your list over the months before your relocation. The services of this storage company in Paris are quite reasonably priced and easy on your wallet.

Now that you’ve read this article, you know exactly how to organise an effortless relocation: your next step is to create your inventory list. Enjoy!

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