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For many reasons you can be confronted to having to expatriate yourself, with the impact it has on your habits and life balance. Especially if you have cumulated belongings at your place for which you have developed sentimental feelings. You may ask yourself how to prepare your expatriation, or how to simplify this as much as possible ?

What is one of the recurring and expensive problems for a expatriation?

Things can be very complicated when you have to travel to another country alone or with your family, whether it be for a long term or short term period. It’s often very difficult to find a place to store everything that you’ve gathered through the years and that means a lot for you.

The storage of the objects you absolutely need when you return is as difficult as the sentimental value you gave them during their lifetime. It is important to store them in adequate conditions during your absence, with the certainty that they’re safe and that you can find them back upon returning.

In order for this to happen, finding the right expatriation partner is not an easy task, but gladly there are professionals that are dedicated in offering you a quality service.

The ideal solution for a successful expatriation thanks to the safe storage of your belongings

To manage your expatriation while also making sure your belongings are safe during your absence, the best solution is storage. The goal is to get a storage unit of the right size to protect your stuff but also to save money.

To do this, StoragePal is the ideal expat-partner. We are specialized in storage and transport for expats, with tailored storage unitsonline reservation of collects and returns, and affordable prices that match the budget of expats from all around the world, allowing them to have a feet on the ground abroad.

The online service of StoragePal suits every kind of temporary storage needs. You will only have to pack your belongings and let the team collect them at the date and time of your choice to put them in storage. You won’t have to move, or to rent a truck. You won’t have to carry anything, no furniture, no boxes. You’re accompanied al along your storage project, before and after your expatriation.

StoragePal will help you to declutter everything you don’t need in your new life environment, especially things that you don’t need just immediately, because you can always retrieve everything later on. You don’t longer have to live months between boxes, or worse, without things you need and that stayed in storage.

It is highly recommended to take pictures of everything you store during your expatriation in order to facilitate the expedition of your stuff to your new country. With StoragePal, you can upload pictures of every box and furniture stored so you can see them online and order the expedition or return easily. It’s also important to name a delegate that can visit your storage unit to fetch something you need or to share it with a friend while you’re abroad.

Sometimes expatriation follows a stressful event in life, such as a divorce. Nobody wants to care about moving when going through something like that. This is why everything is done for you to store easily until you need your stuff back.

It can also happen that the loss or retirement of a beloved one, a friend or family member that lives abroad pushes you to store their items. Storage and transport of the objects left are often necessary and sometimes urgent for these difficult events in life. In such a context, using StoragePal would be the best way to do so.

Le transport et le stockage des affaires lors de votre expatriation nécessitent du temps et de l’argent. Les services de StoragePal vous font gagner non seulement en temps, mais aussi en économies, car l’expatriation dure souvent plusieurs mois ou années. Une fois vos affaires emballées, vous n’aurez rien d’autre à faire que de laisser l’équipe collecter vos cartons, valises et objets encombrants pour les mettre en stockage sécurisé.

Transport and storage of your stuff during your expatriation requires time and money. The StoragePal service allows you to win time, but also to save up because expatriation often lasts for months or even years. Once your stuff is packed you won’t have to do anything else but wait for the team to collect your boxes, suitcases and furniture to put it into safe storage.

With StoragePal, you don’t have to pay for a whole storage unit. You will only pay for the occupied space. It’s a deal that can end up saving you a lot of money on the longer term; the storage units are tailored and you can benefit from a free collect of your stuff if you stay for a minimum of three months.

What’s also very convenient is that if you need to take back objects from your storage, the next monthly payment drops. It’s an entirely personalized storage unit based on your needs which allows you to manage all your stuff for your storage project, where it be due to expatriation, or any other event in life such as a relocation or simply a decluttering tour at home, but it is especially useful when you move abroad.

So if you have seasonal stuff, trinkets, suitcases or family objects that you do not want to get rid of, or books, archives, winter and summer clothes that don’t serve for a while, you can declutter your appartment or office and make it more comfortable by choosing this on-demand solution made for you.

In putting in place your expatriation project, it is essential to find the right partner and expert to transport and store your goods during your short term or long term absence. You don’t have to take care of the storage of sentimental belongings anymore, just store with StoragePal for a secure place with a – sometimes essential – transport service included. You will have a guarantee that your belongings are safe and that you will find them back in perfect condition upon returning.

You can get a quick, free and accurate quote so you know what budget you need for the storage of all the goods you want to leave behind for a while. Organization of transport and storage is crucial for an expatriation in all serenity.

Travel light and without worries by choosing the right partner.

Reserve transport and storage within a few clicks.

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