StoragePal supports small and medium sized companies during the pandemic

Organizing the relocation of your office

Following the ongoing sanitary crisis, companies had to adapt their ways of functioning and most of all, undergo big organizational changes. For the luckiest, this means more remote working, resulting in offices that are too big for the teams. For the others, this means lay-offs, resulting in unoccupied offices. In both cases, companies are left with boxes and furniture that they don’t need anymore.

Before selling the furniture, it’s often convenient to be able to store them in a safe place where we can access them easily. The challenge is for the business owner here to organize the relocation of the offices in a way that it’s not a head-ache, especially not during the crisis. StoragePal is the perfect partner for this.

Companies often have to manage a time constraint as well: they have to move quickly, minimize the costs including those of a partially occupied office.

Organizing the relocation of your offices requires sorting everything out and establishing an inventory. You only need to keep the furniture you need on the long term. It’s the opportunity to throw away what you no longer want, turn it into savings or eventually make money of it.

Papers and documents are best kept in archive boxes which have the ideal dimensions to protect them. Given the weight of hardware, you should put those in the smallest boxes possible and prefer wrapping paper if the original box is lost. It is essential to protect them against shocks during transport, it is usually fragile equipment.

If you have industrial printers or other heavy machinery, leave it to professionals to protect it from damage. StoragePal offers you a free first collect and removes the pain of carrying everything yourself.

Tracability of your belongings is essential, so StoragePal gives you labels to stick on every article. A space is reserved for comments – you can write the name of the employee it belongs to, and the office or open-space where it will go. StoragePal allows you to make some pictures of your goods and upload them online, you’ll be able to find them back easily.

Why is it essential to have professionals to handle your office relocations?

Office furniture is often very expensive and require some more attention. It’s important to choose the right partner to take care of the transport and storage of your goods. They will advise you on packing tips and labeling so that everything happens flawlessly.

The right partner will also advise you on how to establish your inventory to optimize your storage and to reduce your relocation budget. The online inventory tool on the StoragePal website makes it way easier to get a list of things you need to store. Its catalog per-object allows you to select them or to create them. You will receive a tailored quote

StoragePal supports its professional customers

In addition to its online tool for managing relocations and storage needs within a few clicks, which is definitely going to save a lot of time for your activity, StoragePal offers exceptional offers during the pandemic: the first month for just 1€ and a free collect.

StoragePal offers a seasonal discount to decrease even more your monthly storage payments, all of them. It’s a 15% discount on your whole stay, meaning great savings!

A unique advantage is that every withdrawal from your storage will decrease the next payments. You will nly pay for what’s left in storage, which is very agreeable for a progressive return to the office.

Finally, this company allows you to get even further into saving: refer other companies with the same needs to cumulate credits for your next storage payments. Your referree will receive a 15% discount on his order and you will receive a discount of the same amount before you order. In order to benefit from this program, simply register and share you referral code.

The StoragePal team is at your disposal during this difficult rebounce period, and offers you the best solutions for your storage needs inherent to office relocations.

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