Sustainable development

StoragePal is committed to sustainable development and the circular economy

We believe that StoragePal can have a hugely positive impact on the quality of urban living in the biggest cities in the world.

We care so much because big cities are amazing places to live, but housing and storage are terribly expensive.

We created StoragePal because citizens don’t have the time, need, strength or desire to rent vehicles whenever they move or store things, and because inexpensive and convenient storage allows our clients to increase their living and work spaces for far less than existing solutions, and to extend the life and usefulness of their belongings.

We constantly strive to improve our user experience on and off-line, drive down storage, transport and handling prices, and ensure security and rapid access to storage at the best possible prices for small volumes.

Carbon-free transport

In addition to upgrading urban space, object or volume storage via StoragePal has multiple advantages:

Pricing up to 40% cheaper because you do not pay for unusable space (height under the ceiling of the box, path in the middle to access your belongings, no administration fees …).

No need to travel, our transport partners come to collect your belongings free of charge at the address of your choice if you are in our transport zone. To find out, enter your postal code in our catalogue.

Easy and fast management online, find your belongings instantly by describing them and importing photos. Benefit from a 15% transfer discount if you already store in a traditional box, which means that the savings are significant.