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don’t pay for unused space

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Your things picked up for free.

Sit back and relax. No need to carry your things. Self pick-up (7/7)

Only pay for the space you use

Pricing per object, never pay for unused space. Unless you want to rent a unit.

Flexible payment

Remove an item, your monthly payment falls.

See what you store, wherever you are

Manage everything online, never forget what you stored

Storage at your doorstep

We pick-up, for free. We store, safely. We return, same day from €15,-

just a few simple steps

How does it work?

Calculate the space you need with our intuitive calculator.

Pack and wrap your things. Take pictures.

Seal your boxes. Stick on your labels.

We pick up. We store, safely.

Effortless delivery

Free pick-up & affordable return. That’s the convenience of StoragePal.

Sit back and relax. We are here to take away the stress of moving. Calculate the space you need with our intuitive calculator. Select your transport option. We pick-up, for free, at your doorstep, home or office. Manage your storage from your phone or laptop with your online space. Click & return, same day, from €15,-.

  • Effortless delivery

    Be delivered or come by yourself

  • Manage your storage online

    Upload pictures & descriptions

  • Modern and affordable storage

    Win space at home or at the office


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