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StoragePal comes to your home to pick up or return all of your items. Because we store your items in our secure warehouses outside of the city centre, we pass the savings along to you

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Moving around the world’s major cities is a fantastic experience. Expats love urban living, and storage is an important service. Navigating a new city is tough, that’s why StoragePal is committed to supporting expats like you. With StoragePal, they don’t need to discard their favourite clothes, furniture, paintings and sports equipment. At StoragePal, we help make moving and storage as carefree as possible. Our multilingual team is happy to help them get the best price on storage and transport.

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Send My Bag® allows you to send luggage around the world, whether you are relocating abroad, going on an extended trip, or moving away to college or university. Using a luggage shipping service means you can travel luggage free while still having as much luggage with you as you like! By sending your baggage you get to skip long queues at the airport and avoid paying extortionate airline baggage fees. In fact, research has revealed Send My Bag® to be better value than Ryanair and the best value luggage shipping service in the UK.

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