StoragePal Pro

Store pallets, boxes, furniture and more in 2 hours

1€ first month. Free collect.

  • Custom size storage units - No more paying for a half-empty storage unit. Remove an object and your monthly bill automatically drops. At StoragePal, your storage space is exactly the size you need each month.
  • Volumetric pricing - No need to change your storage unit to save money. Our volumetric pricing adjusts automatically to your seasonal merchandise, material or equipment, and to your renovation or relocation periods.
  • 24/7 access - Verify your inventory online, directly reserve transport from your suppliers to your warehouse or customers. Or drop off or pick up yourself anytime from 8AM to 8PM.
  • Reception and dispatch - No need to go to the warehouse anymore, no need to do the handling, and no need to waste time in traffic jams. Order the reception or the dispatch of your goods within a few clicks.
  • Short or long term storage - Store just for the period you need, from a few days to several years.

Volumetric pricing

Pay only for occupied space

Transport and handling

7 days a week. Optional

Remove an object and your bill falls

Save 30%

Online inventory tool

Manage your storage

Why StoragePal?

  • Online reservation - Select the items you want to store and reserve your space in minutes. Transparent pricing.
  • No deposit, no lease and no additional costs such as a new customer fee or a lock.
  • Automatic pricing adjustments - Pay only for what you really store. No need to change units to avoid paying a half-empty storage space.
  • Secure storage spaces - Our storage centers are dry and safe. Videosurveilance 24/7. Storage area forbidden to public.
  • Integrated transport - Order the pick-up or the return of your goods through our professional transport partners.

They talk about us

"StoragePal allowed my e-commerce business to take orders faster, it's just the perfect logistics partner for our operations. Their tracking system is tailored to our needs and the online management tool allows us to follow everything in real time.

We chose StoragePal because we needed a quick and inexpensive solution."

Elise L. - CEO

Become a partner

Receive and dispatch from/to suppliers or customers. A few cartons or hundreds of pallets.

No deposit, no set-up or monthly fees, no commissions, no pallet movement costs.

Warehouse or transport professional? Become a partner and increase your revenues.