About us

About StoragePal

We believe that StoragePal can have a hugely positive impact on the quality of urban living in the biggest cities in the world.

We care so much because big cities are amazing places to live, but housing and storage are terribly expensive.

We created StoragePal because citizens don’t have the time, need, strength or desire to rent vehicles whenever they move or store things, and because inexpensive and convenient storage allows our clients to increase their living and work spaces for far less than existing solutions.

We constantly strive to improve our user experience on and off-line, drive down storage, transport and handling prices, and ensure security and rapid access to storage at the best possible prices for small volumes.

Reserve your transport and storage in just a few clicks.

And how does it work?

Nothing is more simple.

  1. Select the objects that you want to store in our catalog. Can't find your object? Create one directly in our catalog by submitting its dimensions, your pricing will be tailored!
  2. Select your preferred transport; would you like us to take care of the collecting of your belongings? Or would you like to come drop them off by yourself?
  3. Select the date and time of your appointment with our transport partner or with our warehouse manager
  4. Don't forget to submit your offer code! Don't hesitate calling us about this, we always have interesting promotions, all year long
  5. Until the date of your reservation, you can easily add or remove objects in the same way as described above, in case you're still packing!
  6. Confirm your reservation, you will receive labels to stick on your belongings if you want to, in order to import pictures and descriptions of them. Already packed your printer? No worries, our transport partner can take care of it, and you will have the possibility to do so when your objects are stored.

Reserve your transport and storage in just a few clicks.