Our history

StoragePal was born from a simple observation: urbanites, private or professional, are constantly looking for more space and a helping hand during their moves. Existing solutions were too expensive, insufficiently secure or didn’t offer integrated transport or online management of objects stored.

2003 Our beginnings

Our team began developing physical self-storage centres in Paris that allow individuals and businesses lacking space or that are in the process of moving to rent secure space to store cartons, furniture, equipment, and most things in the home or office.

Over the years our expertise developped throughout France and across Europe.

2015 On-demand storage

The lack of suitable property in the heart of metropolitan areas, smart phone technology, and our concern for sustainable urban development, we launched our first on-demand storage service with three major innovations:

1. By-the-object pricing

So that our customers pay only the volume occupied, not a half-empty storage unit. Each time they remove an object, their monthly bill decreases.

2. Integrated transport and handling

Traditional storage requires that users have a vehicle to store their belongings. Most urban dwellers either don’t have a vehicle, the time, or the energy to transport their belongings to and from a storage center every time they need something.

3. Rack storage

Individual storage spaces are practical but enormously inefficient. Seldom do users fill their space more than two-thirds full. City-center land is very expensive and there are many far better uses for the enormous space required for traditional urban storage units. Rack storage (i.e. storage on industrial quality shelves) is far more efficient because it densifies storage and thereby makes it less expensive for users.

2019 My Space

StoragePal launched a new application that makes access to our storage centers even easier and more efficient for our customers, both individuals and professionals.

Online management

So that our customers can reserve storage and transport in just a few clicks, manage each object in their online storage space, import images of their furniture and the contents of their boxes, write a description of the objects they store and the contents of each box, reserve return transport or a visit to drop off, pick up, or simply take something out of or put something into a carton already in storage.

More innovation

Before StoragePal, the experience of storing things from the home or office had evolved little since the sixties. It was a do-it-yourself chore on weekends, often requiring the rental of a vehicle in a race against the clock and ending with bruises and stiffness from carrying furniture and boxes. Today, StoragePal has put urban storage even more at your fingertips and is working every day to ensure that more innovation is on its way.

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