Paul de StoragePal

“What’s your new address?”

We went to interview Elise who used StoragePal in a remarkable way!

“Returns any object at any object at any time anywhere in our service zone.” is what noted Elise when she visited StoragePal for the first time she says.

“I found it very practical when I was doing some renovations in my appartment in Paris.” Elise is an accountant and naturally compared StoragePal’s prices to the competition.

“It was the least expensive solution, and as I planned to get back my stuff progressively, my monthly billings have dropped during the 3 months of storage. In the end I had a bed, a sofa and a few pieces of furniture left and almost paid nothing for it.”

So Elise was using StoragePal for her renovations, but she had another particular use in mind:

“After the renovations I invited some friends to dinner. They just moved in as well but they had to wait a few weeks before they’d get furniture. I thought about what I had left in storage and proposed them to have it delivered at their’s. So I did, reduced my monthly storage price again, and when my friend’s new furniture arrived they just passed an order to return mine to the warehouse.”

StoragePal’s service is of use in any situation, benefit now from our offers and promotions all year long.