Your by-the-object storage center remains open during containment

Since March 17, faced with the Covid-19 coronavirus, countries around the world have been placed in confinement by their government.

Covid-19 is known to be highly contagious via respiratory droplets and touching contaminated surfaces.

This is why it is strongly recommended to stay at home, except in case of necessity (shopping, medical treatment …), to wash your hands very regularly, to avoid contact with any person, and to respect social distance of 1 meter.

By these decisions, governments have demanded the closure of all businesses except those that are essential, or that can be carried out without contact or remotely.

However, you should know that StoragePal’s innovative storage concept is in line with the latter two. We pick up your belongings then transport them to our storage center without you having any contact with our expert transporters. And all this at a lower cost than that of a conventional storage center.

In these times of crisis, gaining space or getting rid of bulky items can be essential for the best possible confinement.

StoragePal allows you to free up space without risk.

Protocols put into practice

Continuing to serve you requires that we implement very strict hygiene protocols in order to avoid contagion during our interventions.

There is no need for direct contact with our carriers, they will not enter your home or office if you do not wish them to. They are also equipped with gloves, a mask, disinfect their hands very regularly, always respect a safe social distance and sanitize their equipment regularly.

Your good health and compliance with these protocols is our priority today.

Fighting the virus is now a duty. StoragePal is committed to this fight, while continuing to serve you in the best conditions.

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