Paul de StoragePal

42m3 for a F3?

Jean and his wife called us to get a storage price for the content of their 3 room appartment for a few months. They said they only look at the price. We answered that StoragePal is less expensive than a traditional self-storage unit and sent them a comparative price offering with Shurgard to get them to know the exact difference:

  1. What size should the unit be? An order like Jean’s often requires two different storage units
  2. What ceiling height? It’s impossible to pile up goods at more than 2m from the ground – weight crushes the goods below
  3. So many offers. How do I know what I can get or not? What are the conditions?
  4. What is the advantage of storing per object? Tailored pricing: everytime an object is removed, the monthly billing drops. No more paying for a half empty storage unit

Jean and his wife did not want to make an inventory, didn’t know how many boxes they were going to store, and they simply didn’t have the time! But this means refusing considerable savings! We told them that the order could naturally be adjusted during the collect or during the drop-off of their goods. Knowing how many cartons you are going to store is as easy as determining the unit size you need.

This is the simplest solution: count the number of furnitures and divide by its typical percentage following:

– Little cluttered = 90% of boxes and 10% of furniture
– Cluttered = 70% of boxes and 30% of furniture
– Very cluttered = 60% of boxes and 40% of furniture

Example: Cluttered = 70% cartons and 30% furniture

  1. Count the number of furniture: 2 mattresses, 1 table for 8 persons, 8 chairs, 1 television, 1 television stand, 1 dresser, 1 bookcase, 1 shelve, 2 rugs, 2 mirrors, 6 paintings etc..
    Total? 20 pieces of furniture
  2. Multiply 20 pieces of furniture by 30% = 67 articles in total
  3. Substract 20 pieces of furniture by the total amount which is 67. Every difference can be adjusted during the collect or drop-off. Use our catalog to choose your pieces of furniture and type of boxes.
  4. Their monthly storage price for 42m3 is 780,00 €/month Incl. VAT, with a guarantee of 2 500€ and all costs included at our storage center Paris Sèvres-Lecourbe

Counting the progressive withdrawal of furniture that is practiced by our other customers, Jean and his wife will save 2762€ compared to a fixed unit price in Paris (the reference here is a 28m² unit plus a 17m² unit, because the correct size isn’t available).

2726€ of savings and a free collect (because they intend to stay for more than 3 months). Their online space allows them to order returns from 15€ on (and avoid handling, going to and from a storage unit, injuries, muscle pain…)

StoragePal – Simple, easy and cheap. Pack, click, and store!